August 2016 Astronomy Unboxed Newsletter

This is our very first Astronomy Unboxed, our issue #1. In it, we include a summary of the Exploring The Giants AstroBox contents, plus information on how to view the Perseid meteor shower that peaks in the early morning hours of August 12. As a bonus activity for intrepid meteor observers, we also have a special printable sky map you can bring along with you on your star gazing evening to trace the paths of the meteors you see. Share your meteor chart with us in the comments here or tag us on Facebook or Twitter.

The printed version also included NASA fact sheets for Juno and Cassini that can be downloaded separately below.


Finally, we still have a handful of Exploring The Giants boxes remaining in the shop. If you’d like one, order soon before we sell out of your t-shirt size — we only have 2-3 of each size left.

August AstroBox: Exploring The Giants
August AstroBox: Exploring The Giants

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