Preview The Eclipse Kit AstroBox

I’m very excited to share a little preview of the Eclipse Kit AstroBox. I’m designing this box to help you get out and experience the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. This is the first total eclipse over the United States in 38 years, and the first one to cross coast to coast in 99 years.

A total solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. It is the number one natural phenomenon you can witness with your own eyes. I encourage everyone who is able to, get to totality for this eclipse! While the entire US will see at least a partial eclipse, totality, where the moon completely blocks out the sun, is a very different experience. Seeing the sky go dark, and a sunset 360 around you is astonishing. Viewing the solar corona – the outer atmosphere of the sun, is spectacular!

I put together this short video to share what we have in store for this very special Eclipse Kit AstroBox. I am literally giving you the moon (at least a small piece of it) in the Eclipse Kit AstroBox!

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