Stargazer Saturday Dec 3, 2016 – Spot the Space Station!

Stargazer Saturday is our weekly series showing what to look for in the sky.

The International Space Station

Tonight, you might be able to see the ISS passing overhead. Visit and put in your location to see when the ISS will be visible from where you are. For tonight in Denver, CO (and much of the central to eastern US) there will be a particularly bright pass starting at 5:15 PM MST (about 45 minutes after sunset for those in mountain time). The chart below is from Heavena-Above showing the path of the station across the sky.




There are three planets in the S to SW, all in a row, starting with Mercury just above the horizon, Venus, and finally red Mars. Pluto is hiding out on that lineup too, but is far too dim to see without a very good telescope. There is also a recent moon above Venus.
Stargazer Saturday 12-3-2016


To get into the spirit of giving this season, we are donating $1 of every New Horizons AstroBox sold toward the restoration of the Pluto discovery telescope at Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, AZ.

The Pluto Discovery Telescope at Lowell Observatory
The Pluto Discovery Telescope at Lowell Observatory

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