Stargazer Saturday Nov 5, 2016

Stargazer Saturday is our weekly series showing what to look for in the sky.

Tonight after sunset, you’ll find a trio planets along with the 32% illuminated moon to the SSW. Mars and the moon will be just a little under 7° apart, while Venus and Saturn will be off to the SW lower on the horizon. Of the three planets, Venus will stand out the most. (While Pluto is shown in the image, it’s far too dim to actually see.)

AstroBox Stargazer Saturday 11-5-2016


Two hours later, look to the east to find the Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters cluster rising. While you won’t see the blue nebula color, the cluster itself is easily visible.

AstroBox Stargazer Saturday 11-5-2016

If you happen to drive a Subaru, you might recognize this cluster from the hood of your car – in Japan, it is known as the Subaru (to unite) cluster, and now serves as the logo for the Subaru auto company.

AstroBox Stargazer Saturday 11-5-2016

Images all generated with Sky Safari Pro.


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