Stargazer Saturday Oct 15, 2016

Stargazer Saturday is our weekly series showing what to look for in the sky.

Tonight after sunset, look to the south-west to see Venus, the brightest planet you’ll see tonight, along with Saturn above the bright star Antares.

Venus and Saturn


Looking south, you’ll see Mars in the constellation Sagittarius. Pluto is hiding out near Mars, but you’ll need a good telescope to have a chance to see it as a dim 14th magnitude!

Mars in Sagittarius

Finally, turn North to find the the little dipper, and down near the horizon, the big dipper. The little dipper can be hard to make out, so use the two bright stars at the end of the big dipper’s ladle to trace a line to Polaris, the north star, and the far end of the little dipper’s handle.


Observe The Moonrise

The full moon will be rising from the east about 20 minutes after the sun is setting to the west (assuming you have a flat horizon). Observe the color of the moon as it rises past the horizon. The atmosphere will give it a yellow-orange hue, and make it appear larger than normal. As it rises higher, it will loose the coloring and added size.


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Light Up Moon
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